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Get Better Sleep Every Night

March is Better Sleep Month and  a time to remember the importance of getting good sleep every night on our overall health.   Recent research has reinforced the importance of sleep to both our physical health, and mental health and happiness.    With the change to daylight savings time sleeping problems increase for many people. So if you find yourself having trouble sleeping restfully every night, we want to share some secrets for good sleep. 

A good starting point is evaluating the comfort and proper support you are getting from your mattress.  If you current mattress is more than 8 years old, The Better Sleep Council indicates that it has probably lost a significant part of its support and should be evaluated for replacement.    Come in and let our  trained mattress councilors show you all the new technologies available to match your sleep style and needs from all our major mattress lines, Serta, Simmons-Beautyrest, Tempurpedic, and Bed Technologies.    Our sleep experts are trained to help you select the right support and comfort level for your individual needs.   Good sleep is the best value you can get, and even our best mattresses cost only pennies a night over their warranty period.

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 Four Secrets to Better Sleep

Author: Josie Sivigny, Serta-Simmons Bedding


Sometimes, the little differences matter the most. Whether you’ve just begun your journey to great rest, or you’re a seasoned pro, making small updates to your nightly routine can make even the greatest sleep—better. If you’ve been searching for tips for better sleep, tricks, or changes you can make to improve your nights, look no further. This Sleep Awareness Week, we’re sharing four, simple adjustments that can enhance the way you rest, and the way you wake.


Couple looking at each other in bed


1. Create a Routine

Start your days and nights off right with a consistent sleep routine. Whether you’re wondering how to sleep better while traveling, or learning how to improve your rest at home, a healthy routine can keep your body regulated no matter where you are or what life looks like. Regulate your sleep wake cycle and balance your circadian rhythm by:


  • Sticking to a schedule — Wake up, fall asleep, and practice mindfulness at the same time every day. This way, your body can become attuned to your schedule, so you feel wake quicker and fall asleep faster when it’s time.
  • Setting the mood for sleep — Create a soothing environment for sleep by limiting your use of screens and electronics at least 90 minutes before bedtime. Turn off all bright, overhead lights, and opt for a soft lamp instead. Perform a low-energy activity, like solving a puzzle or reading a book, and finally, make sure it’s a calming activity you can consistently look forward to every night.
  • Incorporating skincare — Wash your face, apply lotion, or use an rehydrating overnight serum that revitalizes your skin so you can wake feeling refreshed.
  • Practicing meditation — Stress contributes to sleep disruption, so do your best to calm your mind before resting. In the moments before you fall asleep, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth until you feel your body relax. In the morning, take time to breathe deeply before rising or reaching for your phone.


By creating a routine you can perform easily and consistently, your body will learn the difference between waking and resting. It can help you feel awake when you need to and drowsy when it’s time, so you’re able to accomplish your goals throughout the day and sleep restfully at night.


Woman sitting on the edge of a Serta mattress



2. Sleep Clean

There’s nothing like the feeling of freshly washed sheets, and there’s a reason for that! When we perform activities that help us sleep, like sleeping in a clean environment, our brains respond positively and our sleep quality improves. This is known as sleep hygiene. To permanently improve the space you sleep in with great sleep hygiene:


  • Give it a refresh — by purchasing new sheets. Then, wash them in your favorite scented detergent or fabric softener.
  • Invest in an air purifier — to clear your bedroom of any unknown allergens.
  • Lower the thermostat — to a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit—the ideal temperature for sleeping.


With clean air, cool temperatures, and the warmth of freshly dried sheets around you, your sleep quality is bound to improve.  Let us show you the new mattress technologies for sleeping cooler, before the summer heat season begins.


Couple laying in bed looking at a laptop together



3. Say “Bye” to Distractions

Your bedroom should only revolve around sleep, so it’s time to remove all other distractions. Start by removing all screens—including your television—from the room. Next, cover any lights, like the LED numbers on your alarm clock, so they don’t disturb your sleep cycle. Finally, swap any harsh alarm sounds for ones that wake you gently. Surrounding yourself in a room without distractions can help your body associate your space with sleep so you can fall—and stay—asleep faster.


Couple reading in bed together



4. Leave Stress at the Door

One of the biggest blockers to sleep is stress. To make sure stress doesn’t join you under the covers, incorporate ways to relieve it before bedtime. Journal about your day, outlining its positives, negatives, and ways to improve the days to come. Unwind with your favorite pastime at least 90 minutes before bed, with meditation, exercise, or by watching your favorite show. Finally, take a steam-filled shower and moisturize afterward to wash any remaining stress away. By separating stress from your night, you can look forward to a peaceful sleep.


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March 15 2023